Our experience in dealings with the Latvian State Revenue Service, video in English

October | 2023

We discuss our own experience – clients got audited, we got inspected (perhaps in revenge for being too tough on SRS), leading to a successful outcome. We discuss issues to watch out for both at the pre-trial stage and at the trial stage, such as:

[1] unannounced State Revenue Service (SRS) visits;

[2] case out of the ordinary – potential difficulty;

[3] explaining diligently and patiently and as soon as possible – do not yield in, take your stand;

[4] Challenging SRS decision to SRS chief to avoid trial;

[5] SRS readiness to go through all levels of the court system and courts helping institutions, such as SRS and others.

Our observation – likely a bumpy road, success can be achieved, but readiness for initial disappointment and patience required.

Youtube video in english: