Corporate, Commercial and M&A

June | 2022

We help investors establishing corporate presence and render assistance in any related aspects, especially the holding of shareholders’ meetings and any subsequent dealings with the Register of Enterprises.

A good deal of international investors would probably agree that establishing corporate presence is not the most difficult part. Instead, protecting your business against illegal raiding attempts and other attacks from the local “system” can be far more challenging.

It is not uncommon that foreign investors face trouble caused by local partners and fuelled by governmental institutions. Be it through harassing insolvency proceedings, excessive provisional measures, a refusal to issue a licence or register something. We specialise in protecting the business from just that having accumulated first hand experience in these issues for years.

Mergers & Acquisitions is also increasingly becoming part of the firm’s everyday life. We are currently handling a multi-million deal involving a transhipment business in the Free Port of Ventspils.