White-Collar Criminal Law

June | 2022

Criminal law is the most powerful tool to intimidate an opponent in Latvia. It is not unusual that a criminal investigation is underway in no time at all, based on the wildest allegations imaginable. It has been widely used against our clients in the past. It is a method usually exploited by the locals who do not share the principles honoured in Western Europe.

The purpose of the process is usually to intimidate through bad publicity, interrogations, searches and seizures. We ensure that our clients are not caught by surprise and are fully prepared to counteract such attacks and bring the responsible to justice. For example, in December 2011 unwarranted insolvency proceedings were brought against AS KALIJA PARKS, a leading company in the potash transhipment business in the Baltics. The sought insolvency was not only rejected by court, but its seekers have also found themselves under criminal investigation for filing an intentionally false insolvency petition. Most international investors would have also heard of the so-called Palink case where a multi-million European backed business was attempted to be sent to insolvency.