SIA INTRANSSERVISS shareholders’ dispute reaches Spilbridge

August | 2011

Having acted in various shareholders’ disputes for years, we bring our expertise to another bitter shareholders’ dispute – this time involving the shareholders of SIA INTRANSSERVISS, a leading regional company specialising in the servicing and repairing of trucks and other vehicles.

Lacking proper legislation to end deadlocks caused by situations where neither party has the majority shareholding, it is common to seek an upper hand by filing the so-called “company claims” where a shareholder files a claim on behalf of the company against his adversary shareholder. While on paper the claim seeks a compensation of damages, in reality the purpose can usually be to tire out the opponent and force him into surrender talks. Our goal is to prevent it from happening to preserve our client’s bargaining power to achieve a fair outcome.

The team from Spilbridge is led by Daimars Skutans and Andrejs Eglitis.