Spilbridge prevent an insolvency attack on AS KALIJA PARKS

December | 2011

AS KALIJA PARKS operates a potash transshipment terminal in the Free Port of Ventspils.

Having been blamed for imposing unwanted security services on AS KALIJA PARKS, the notorious security company TM SECURITY filed an insolvency petition against AS KALIJA PARKS in an attempt to recover an alleged debt of over LVL 2 million. Approximately LVL 1.8 million of this “debt” was alleged to consist of a contractual penalty for late payment.

The Court of Ventspils not only rejected the insolvency petition, but also ruled that it was knowingly false. It is a criminal offence in Latvia to file a knowingly false insolvency petition. As a result, the police in Ventspils have initiated a criminal process.

Daimars Skutans appeared for AS KALIJA PARKS.