Three years in court, lifted provisional measures, judgment of the Constitutional Court, and the Brussels I Regulation is finally applied.

December | 2012

It was back in December 2009 when a couple of companies domiciled in the British Virgin Islands sued a couple of Dutch companies and a Swiss national in Latvian courts. The claimants alleged that the domicile of the Swiss national was in Latvia. We represented the defendants and the truth was that there was no such domicile in Latvia. Moreover, the alleged domicile address does not even exist in real life. It did not prevent the Latvian court from imposing questionable provisional measures though.

The defendants had to nullify a provision in the Latvian Civil Procedure Rules to secure leave to appeal against the decision on provisional measures. Our constitutional complaint was successful and the Court of Appeal reversed the decision on provisional measures.

It took nearly three years to hear our jurisdiction challenge for the first time, and it was successful.