Yet another Sorainen’s attempt to obtain provisional measures fails in the potentially EUR 50 mio Baltic Coal Terminal dispute

March | 2015

Spilbridge have recently undertaken representation of AS Ventspils Commercial Port in relation to various external shareholders’ disputes that aim to reshuffle various assets in relation to AS Baltic Coal Terminal running one of the largest coal transhipment terminals in Europe.

The claimant’s first attempt to obtain provisional measures months ago failed. Now it has failed again and again. The Court of Ventspils has refused to impose any provisional measures in this matter because the claimant has no good arguable case and because the court has spotted other shortcomings in the claim. The claimant’s appeal was heard by the Kurzeme Regional Court sitting as the Court of Appeal and upheld the ruling of the Court of Ventspils. No provisional measures, no right to appeal.

Sorainen are the opposing firm in this matter.